Have A Flea Bite? Flea Remedies That Ought To Help You

Fleas are one of the most dangerous insects due to the fact that they can be in a position to transmit diseases from animals to humans. For example, a flea can transmit bubonic plague, cat fever scratch and tapeworms from animals to humans.

In a bid to eliminate the chances of getting to that extreme, it is essential that once you realize that you have a flea bite, you ought to implement recommendable remedies and seek further treatment so as to eliminate the chances of the bite infection getting worse.

With that in mind, the most recommended flea bite remedies include:

  • Use antiseptic or disinfectant: Once you realize that you have a flea bite, it is essential to wash the affected skin portion with an antiseptic or disinfectant. In the event that you do not have the above, you may replace them with the use of soap and water. The benefit of this step is to prevent bacterial intensification and other infections.
  • Use an ice bag: On the swollen skin portion, place an ice bag or a cold cloth. The benefit of this is that it prevents further swelling on the bite mark.
  • Use anti-itch and anti-histamine: Flea bites are normally itchy. Therefore, to prevent them from being extremely itchy and disturbing, it is advisable to apply an anti-itch cream. Once you realize that you are extremely sensitive to the bite marks, it is highly recommended that you use anti-histamines. According to health professionals, anti-histamines prevent the body from producing more histamine which is a compound that causes some people to have intense allergic reactions.

Do not scratch the bite mark: The importance of this precaution is that you will prevent the spread of bacteria to the bite mark as you scratch it using your finger nails.