Weird Bite On Your Skin? Flea Symptoms That You Could Use To Countercheck

A flea is an insect that can live in your home and go unnoticed for a period of time. Believe it or not, you will only discover that you have fleas in your house or home when they bite you.

One aspect that a lot of people do take into account is that the number one carrier of fleas is our pets. According to research, if you have pets, the likelihood of having fleas in your home is higher as compared to somebody who does not have. With that clarified it is important to keep your pet’s flea free by cleaning them regularly.

Now that you have weird bite marks on your skin, here are some flea symptoms that you could use to clarify whether it is a flea that actually did bite you:

  • Clustered bite marks: This is the number one symptom that will determine whether the bite marks that you have are from a flea or not. If you are wondering why? The reason is that fleas tend to bite in clusters. Therefore, if the bite marks are closely located then that would be a flea bite.
  • Painful bite mark: A flea bite is normally very painful. Even worse is when you scratch it.
  • Itchy bite mark: A flea bite is normally very itchy. So, if the bite marks are itchy then the chances that they are from a flea are very high. For those individuals who have sensitive skin, then the flea bite can be very detrimental.
  • Red and swollen bite marks: The aftermath of flea bites is that they are always extremely red and swollen.

Fleas always bite on the lower parts of the legs. This includes the legs and ankles.