Flea Bites Symptoms

      What do Flea bites Look Like?

So first of all, we need to establish what Flea bites on humans. The picture displayed is what it looks like. To explain in more detail, a flea bite on a human will look like a small red spot, but will have a red ring (halo) around the outside of that spot. If you look closely at the flea bite, you will see a miniscule hole in the center, where the flea sucked out your blood. Eww. Because fleas will bite whatever is closest to it, the more commonly affected areas are on the Feet and Legs, but if you are bitten in your sleep, you could see these welts pop up anywhere on the body.

Flea Bites On Humans Symptoms

What do they Feel Like?

Flea bites itch. A lot. And guess what? If you scratch them they get worse, and will probably lead to an infection, which could be dangerous. Some people can actually have severe reactions to Flea Saliva, so as well as itching, you could be feeling some intense pain in the affected areas. If you do scratch your flea bites, you can actually start to get a rash around other parts of your body.

Flea bites on Children

Although it isn’t the end of the world if an adult is bitten by a flea, it is a different story for children though. If a child gets flea bites, the welts could be around 2cm in diameter, and form into big fluid filled blisters, and a child WILL scratch these when you aren’t looking, which will also lead to infections and spreading. the children are also more susceptible to these flea bites, due to their playfulness with pets, so as well as welts on their legs you will also start seeing them on the child’s arms and hands as well. If your child gets bitten by fleas, take the child to your local doctor quickly, and take measures to remove the fleas from your house or pet.

So what is the difference between BedBugs and Fleas?

The main difference between bedbugs and Fleas are the insects themselves. A Bed Bug is much larger and Nocturnal, whereas a Flea is very small and Come out at any time of the day. The bites however are much different. Well a Bed Bug will bite you like a mosquito, creating a small hard red bump on your skin, and will bite anywhere on your body when you are asleep. A flea bite however is like we told you earlier. It is a small circle of red, with a tiny hole in the middle surrounded by a red Halo.