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Will Crushed Pennyroya Ward Off Fleas?

Are you tired of spending hundreds of dollars on overpriced flea bombs, sprayers, foggers or other products, only for them to have minimal effect? Pennyroya, also known as the squaw mint, mosquito mint and pudding grass, is a fragrant herb…

How To Exterminate Fleas In Your Home Using Table Salt

Many people assume the viable solution to eradicate fleas involves harsh chemicals and pesticides. While there are plenty of effective chemical-based flea treatment and prevention products on the market, there are also some all-natural solutions that work just as well….

How To Kill Fleas With Banana Peels

Most people assume that only harsh chemical-based pesticides and insecticides can effectively kill fleas. After all, fleas have evolved over the course of millions of years to become one of the world’s most problematic pests. From the moment they first…