Is Your Dog Scratching Too Much?

Having a pet is the most spectacular thing that a lot of people enjoy. From their company to their playfulness, this is why they are kept in the house or around the home.

Either way, there are some crucial issues that you ought to know about your pets like they are the number one carriers for fleas in addition to other furry animals. Therefore, if you have a pet be assured that at some point you will notice that the pet may be scratching itself too much or continuously. In the event that you have noticed that in your pet, then, higher is the probability that they could be having a flea infection.

Are you still not certain? Well, below are some symptoms associated with flea infections in dogs:

  • Constant scratching on the affected skin portion.
  • The dog will whine too much:  Flea bites are quite painful. To humans, they cause massive discomfort, so to dogs, the effect is the same.
  • Loss of hair in the affected skin portions: When the dog keeps scratching the affected patch, hair tends to disappear. This will therefore lead to hair loss on the affected patch.
  • Red bumps on its skin: Flea bites are normally red and swollen. Therefore, on the dog, you will also notice the same.

Despite your dog having fleas, there are some treatments that you could implement immediately you realize that your dog has the above symptoms:

  • Wash your dog in normal tap water: This will help soothe the itchiness of the flea bites.
  • Flea powders and anti-flea shampoos: This will help eliminate the fleas on the dog’s skin. You can get these products in pet shops or stores that sell animal products.

Use a flea collar: To prevent the fleas from frequently attacking your dog, flea collars come in handy.