Most Effective Flea Infestations Home Remedies

When your house is infested with fleas, the most effective home remedy is cleaning. You must do very thorough cleaning in every part of your house. Maintaining a clean house will help you get rid of fleas. Vacuuming your carpets is especially very important.  Before you vacuum your carpets, you can pour salt on them first. This is a good way to kill the fleas. The vacuum will also suck up the fleas together with any eggs.  Always make sure that you clean even in the deepest cracks. Move furniture and clean under there. Move around the appliances in the kitchen and clean the surfaces. Use detergent when cleaning. You can also get special cleaning products to make sure the fleas stay dead.

If you have pets, make sure that they are clean. Always check our pets carefully for fleas. You may even get medication from your vet as treatment for the fleas. There are products that you may use to clean your pets. You can also use flea combs on your pets. Make sure you clean places where your pet frequents. The sleeping area should also be cleaned. The beddings for your pets should always be cleaned. You can also use citrus on the coat of your pet.

When cleaning your house, don’t forget the yard too. You may find that your yard harbors a lot of fleas. Keeping it clean is the only way to change that. You can rake the leaves if you have to and trim the gardens. If you have paved pathways, sweep carefully especially in the cracks. Besides keeping your house clean, you can also use insecticides or flea bombs. Get products that are safe to use in your house. Adding some vinegar to your pet’s drinking water may also help. Always make sure that your house gets enough light. Fleas can’t thrive in too much light. These are some of the things you can do at home to deal with flea infestations.