How to eliminate bed bugs in your home organically

Bed bug bites are very painful and scratchy. It feels bad when you wake up at the middle of the night to scratch your hand while cursing these small monsters. What is even worse is the fact that getting rid of them is such a difficult and stressing activity. There are however different methods of eliminating them among them use of organic methods that are non-toxic, cheap and very environmentally friendly.

One of the most important things to do is to organize your house. Ensure there are no clothes lying on the floor or clothes piled up. They mostly hide in piles of clothes, on your bed and on cracks. Put everything in order so as to have a clean environment. However, don’t think that they invaded your house because of dirt. Not at all, bed bugs will invade any warm place that has a warm body, like you to be fed on.

Clean up the house thoroughly. Clean all clothes that have been exposed to the bugs as well as bedding, fabric and pillows. Use hot water or color-safe bleach to do the cleaning as it will help kill these bugs. Vacuum the floor and especially the carpet as this will suck any bug on the carpet. Clean all the floors using bleach and water and alcohol solution.

Separate your bed from the wall. Move your bed away from the wall so as to make it hard for the bugs to get to your bed. In most cases, the bugs come to your house through a hole somewhere in the wall so avoid it. Also consider applying petroleum jelly on the bed frames. This will stop the bugs from climbing up to your bed and thus will not reach you.