5 Reasons Why Fleas Keep Coming Back

It’s downright frustrating when you invest your time, money and energy into flea bombs and other insecticides only for the blood-sucking pests to reappear in your home just a couple weeks later. Your pets may get a short-lived moment of flea-free living, but their itching and scratching will continue once these pests reemerge. In order to treat them once and for all, you must understand why they keep coming back.


Fleas in a tube: photo by fallsvetclinic.

Reason #1) Your Yard Is Infested

Just because you’ve successfully cleared your home of fleas doesn’t mean they aren’t living in your yard. There are tons of blood-rich hosts outside for fleas to feast on. And as long as they continue to live in your yard, chances are some of them will make their way into your home. You can read our previous blog post here for more tips on how to treat flea infestations in a yard.

Reason #2) Not Vacuuming

Vacuuming is crucial to killing and controlling flea infestations in the home. According to tamu.edu, ” Vacuuming removes up to 30 percent of the larvae and up to 60 percent of flea eggs from a carpet, as well as the larvae’s food supply of dried blood.

Make sure you vacuum the floors thoroughly, along with hard-to-reach areas like underneath furniture,  behind accessories, and up against the baseboard.

Reason #3) Not Washing Pet Bedding

A third possible reason why fleas keep coming back is because you aren’t washing  your pet’s bedding. Fleas love to hide on bedding blankets and beds where their meal (your pet) comes to them on a nightly basis. If fleas are a problem in your home, try to get into the habit of washing your pet’s bedding at least once a week — in a separate load, of course.

Reason #4) Not Treating Your Pet

Of course, you can’t expect to keep the fleas away unless you properly treat your pets. Some dog breeds, such as the long-hair Chihuahua, are capable of hiding fleas from the sight of their owners.

Fleas burrow down into their coat where they’re hidden. In order to treat infestations in breeds such as this, you must use a proper flea medication (whether it’s all-natural or chemical-based) and bathe your dog on a regular basis.

Reason #5) There Are “Other” Hosts In Your Home

A fifth possible reason why fleas keep coming back is because there are other hosts you don’t know about. For instance, small field mice may bring fleas into your home. If you hear the sound of scurrying feet coming from the attic, it could be from flea-carrying mice.