Bathing Your Dog To Remove Fleas

There’s no faster or easier way to kill your dog’s fleas than by giving them a bath. Unlike most of the chemical-based flea treatment medicines on the market, a good bath allows you to instantly see and kill fleas on the spot. There’s no waiting around for it to “kick in.” However, there are some steps you should take to ensure the fleas are killed during bath time.


Doggie bath time: photo by tobyotter.

How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer to this question, as some dogs require more frequent bathing than others. An article published by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) states the following:

Because of their activities, breed types, or individual skin or coat types, some dogs need baths more often than others. For example, some dogs’ coats just get oily quickly, regardless of their outdoor activities. Other dogs spend lots of time outdoors and get dirty fast.

Help! My Dog Is Terrified of Bath Time

If your dog is terrified of taking baths, you aren’t alone. Many owners experience this exact behavior when attempting to bathe their dog.  Perhaps your dog tries to run off and hide under the bed when they hear the water running, or maybe they claw at the bathtub in an attempt to escape the terrifying ordeal. As an owner, it’s heartbreaking to see your dog in such a poor emotional state.

If this sounds like a familiar scenario, follow the tips below to help calm your four-legged friend:

  • Fill the tub up with a  couple inches of lukewarm water and turn off the faucet before placing your dog inside. Some dogs are naturally scared of the rushing water coming from the faucet.
  • Give your dog a treat both before and after the bath.
  • Stay close to your dog and talk to them in soothing, gentle manner.

Killing Fleas During a Bath


Rinsing a dog during bath time: photo by bert_m_b.

In order to effective kill you dog’s fleas during a bath, you must use some form of shampoo; otherwise, they’ll escape by jumping out of the water. Don’t just use any shampoo, as most “human” shampoos are too harsh for a dog’s delicate skin. Instead, use a special doggie-formulated shampoo. It really doesn’t matter if it’s designed to kill fleas or not, as the soapy solution will essentially drown them.

When bathing your dog, it’s a good idea to let the shampoo soak on their fur for a minimum of 5 minutes before rinsing it out.

How often to you bathe your dog? Let us know in the comments section below!