How To Keep Fleas From Coming Back

Exterminating a flea infestation in the home is a relatively simple process. You can use a chemical-based product, such as sprays, foggers and bombers, or you can use a combination of all-natural methods, such as vacuuming, temperature control, humidity control, etc. Regardless of which method you prefer, you shouldn’t have a problem eliminating these blood-sucking parasites from your home. The problem, however, is preventing them from returning in the future.

Why Fleas Return

Even if you are able to exterminate the fleas inside your home, there’s a chance of them returning in the future. If you killed just 80-90% of the population, for instance, the remaining 10-20% can reproduce and regain their numbers. It’s estimated that just 5% of a typical flea infestation is comprised of adults, meaning the other 95% are pupae, eggs and larvae. To effective exterminate them, and keep them from coming back, you must focus on eliminating fleas during all stages of their life cycle.

Killing Fleas at All Life Stages

Now for the million dollar question: how do I kill fleas during all stages of their life cycle? There are two particular flea treatment products designed specifically for this reason: insect growth inhibitors (IGI) and insect growth regulators (IGR), both of which are highly effective at breaking the flea’s life cycle. These products are typically applied to the host, such as dogs and cats, directly exposing the flea when it feeds. Ask your veterinarian for recommendations on a IGI or IGR medicine for your pet. While they usually cost more than your standard flea collars and sprays, it’s a smart investment that’s worth it in the end.

Climate Control

Another important step to prevent fleas from returning to your home is climate control. These blood-sucking parasites thrive in warm, humid environments; therefore, conventional wisdom should tell you to lower the temperature and humidity to discourage them from residing inside your home. Try lowering your thermostat to 68 degrees Fahrenheit and installing a dehumidifier. These two things alone can make a world of difference in your battle against fleas.

Using a combination of IGI/IGR medicine and climate control should prevent fleas from returning to your home. You have to remember that fleas enter a home for one reason: to feast on the blood of a warm-blooded animal (or human). Applying a once-a-month IGR/IGR product to your pets will not only kill the fleas, but it will also break their life cycle.