How To Protect Your Cat Against Fleas


Cat fleas are the most common and widespread species of flea in the world.

Fleas love to burrow into the thick, dense fur of cats. Once they find refuge here, they will feast on the cat’s blood, biting into it up to several hundred times per day! Of course, this is quite painful for a helpless feline, but it can also leave them susceptible to various diseases, illnesses and infection.

Fleas and Cats: What’s The Problem?

The cat flea (Ctenocephalides felis) is the species that’s most problematic for cats (hence its name). It can be found throughout the world and is known to transmit bartonella, murine typhus, apedermatitis and the tapeworm Dipylidium caninum. If you’re cat is suffering from a flea infestation, chances are this species is the culprit.

It’s important to note that only 5% of the flea population are adults. The remaining 95% consist of eggs, larvae and pupae. Only exterminating the adults without paying any attention to fleas in other stages of the life cycle is a serious mistake that will ultimately come back to haunt you in the long run

Tips For Controlling Fleas In The Home:

  • Vacuum floors, rugs, underneath furniture and around baseboards. Studies have shown that vacuuming is one of the most effective ways to treat flea infestations.
  • Lower the temperature in your home. We talk about this in greater detail here, but the bottom line is that fleas prefer warm, humid environments. Dropping the thermostat below 70 degrees Fahrenheit may discourage them from completing their life cycle.
  • Keep your lawn trimmed and manicured. If fleas are allowed to thrive outside the home, some will naturally make their way inside.
  • Consider using baking soda or some other form of natural flea prevention/treatment product to discourage them from residing in your home.
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Keep Fleas Off Your Cat

Now for the million dollar question: how do I keep fleas off my cat? There are several different precautions you can take to reduce the amount of fleas reaching your feline friend, but it’s usually best to treat the environment first and then your cat. After following the tips listed above, take your cat to a professional groomer for a flea dip. This should coat their skin with a chemical that kills fleas on contact. Alternatively, you can use a product like FrontLine Plus or Advantage to protect your cat against fleas.