Tips To Protect Your Puppy From Fleas

Is your puppy suffering from a flea infestation? Not only will the intense itching and scratching drive your pup crazy, but it can also weaken their undeveloped immune system, placing them at risk for further disease and illness. Puppies are still growing and trying to develop the functions necessary to ward off illness, which is why it’s important for owners to protect their pups against fleas.

Bathe Your Puppy

The first step in combating a flea infestation in a pup is to give them a warm bathe using puppy-friendly flea shampoo (available at most pet stores). A warm bathe servers a few different purposes: it helps to drown and wash away fleas that are still hiding on in their fur, and it soothes the itching sensation triggered by flea bites. Just remember to let the shampoo sit in your pup’s coat for at least 5 minutes to drown out the fleas; otherwise, they may survive and continue feasting on your pup’s blood.

Flea Medication For Puppies

Owners must use caution when apply flea medicine to their pups, because many of the name-brand products have a minimum age for application. Before applying flea medicine to your pup, check the product’s instruction label to ensure it’s safe for your pup. FrontLine, for instance, has a minimum age requirement of 8 weeks. Applying it to a pup that’s younger than 8 weeks may cause illness. Revolution, which is another popular canine flea medicine, has a minimum age requirement of 6 weeks.

If you aren’t sure whether or not a particular type of medicine is safe for your pup, avoid using it just to be on the safe side. Depending on the severity of your pup’s flea infestation, you may want to schedule an appointment with the veterinarian. They will be able to offer guidance on which products are safe for your pups, and which ones you should avoid.

Eliminating Fleas Inside The Home

Applying flea medicine to your pup and bathing them will only act as a temporary solution to the problem. In order to fully protect your pup from fleas, you must eliminate these parasites from your home. We reveal dozens of helpful tips and techniques here at, but the bottom line is that owners of puppies must create an environment that’s undesirable to fleas. This can be accomplished through regular cleaning, washing the pup’s bedding, dropping the thermostat down to 68 degrees or below, and applying a mixture of baking soda and salt throughout the home (keep your pup away from it).