Can Cedar Oil Kill Fleas?

Cedar oil (also referred to as cedar wood oil) is an oil made from the oil, wood and roots of various types of pine and cypress conifers. While it’s most commonly used in furniture polishes and perfumes, it’s also a viable insecticide. In fact, many people swear by its use as an all-natural flea treatment product. So, is there any truth to this rumor, or is it just another old wive’s tale?

Cedar Work and Fleas

The short answer is YES, cedar oil can be used to kill fleas. It contains natural chemical compounds that kill fleas on contact and discourages other fleas from entering the area. Rather than exposing you and your family to potentially harmful pesticides, you should consider using all-natural cedar oil to keep these blood-sucking parasites out of your home.

“Now your home, restaurants, farms, schools and hospitals can be pest-free without the use of dangerous poisons. Cedar oil is the universe providing a solution that human beings need, because people do not live well when surrounded by insects,” said Lolyd Fische.

How Cedar Oil Works

Cedar oil works to effectively kill fleas in a few different ways, one of which is through osmotic dehydration — extracting the moisture content out of the flea. When a flea traverses over a patch of cedar oil, its water is removed; thus, killing the flea almost instantly. Cedar oil also contains special chemicals that interrupt the flea’s octopamine neuroreceptors, creating disturbances in its metabolism, life cycle, and the way it communicates with other fleas.

But a flea medicine / treatment product is only effective if it’s able to kill fleas during all four stages of their life cycle. Well, cedar oil is able to do this and more, as its chemical makeup dissolves flea egg, larvae and pupae on contact. It’s said that only 5% a flea infestation is comprised of adults; the remaining 95% are eggs, larvae and pupae. By using cedar oil in your home, you’ll kill fleas during all four stages.

How To Treat a Flea Infestation With Cedar Oil

There’s really no “wrong” way to use cedar oil to treat a flea infestation. With that said, several homeowners have reported success by diluting cedar oil with water and spraying the solution throughout their home. Spray the solution over the floors, around the baseboards, underneath the furniture, and around the doors. If you have hardwood floors, mop them with diluted cedar oil. In just days, you should begin to see a significant improvement in your flea infestation.