How To Treat Flea Bites on Dogs

According to an article published by the FDA, a single flea can bite a dog or cat more than 400 times per day! Considering that most infestations involve dozens of fleas rather than one, this can translate into thousands of bites per day.

As you can expect, the constant biting and drawing blood from these parasitic creatures can be quite uncomfortable. Thankfully, however, there are certain steps owners can take to soothe their dog’s flea bites.


Dog trying to gnaw his flea bites: photo by ToGa Wanderings.

Remove The Fleas!

The first step in treating flea bites on a dog is to remove the fleas. Treating their current bites will only mask the problem temporarily until their fleas begin to bite into their flesh once again.

You can read through our blog here at for more tips and tricks on how to remove fleas, but nothing beats a good old fashioned bath using warm water and soap. The soapy solution should make it impossible for fleas to jump away;  thus, allowing you to pinch them off.

Apply Calamine Lotion

There are numerous products on the market which are designed to ease flea and insect bites in pets. However, it’s recommended that owners first attempt to use a more natural approach to treating their dog’s flea bites.

Once your dog is bathed and the fleas have been successfully removed their coat, apply a small amount of calamine lotion on their bites. This pink-colored liquid will ease some of their itching while protecting them against infection.

Note: some dogs may attempt to lick the calamine lotion off. Thankfully, calamine lotion isn’t toxic to humans, dogs or any other household pet, but you should still discourage them from consuming it. Apply a very small amount to the areas on your dog affected by flea bites. And if you notice your dog attempting to lick the calamine lotion,  yell “No” or “Bad boy!” to try and discourage it.

Epsom Salt

Some owners have reported success treating their dog’s flea bites using Epsom salt. I personally have never tried it, so I can’t vouch for its effectiveness. With that said, there are dozens of reports and comments published online from owners who swear by it. If you’ve exhausted all other means of treatment, you may want to give Epsom salt a try.

Do you have any secret home remedies for treating flea bites on your dog? Let us know in the comments section below!