Flea bites & bed bug bites – Which is more dangerous?

A flea is a wingless insect that survives by biting and sucking of blood from the warm blooded animal. This is mostly common in pets such as cats, dogs and birds. These pets sometimes become the carriers of the fleas to humans.

Where do fleas live? Fleas are parasites found mostly on the host’s body, be it an animal or a human. If they are in the house, they always go unnoticed until they bite an individual.

Fleas bite in clusters, thus the bumps on the skin appear in clusters too. They then become itchy and the bitten area turns red and sore when scratched. The bites can cause hypersensitivity to some people.

How to treat a flea bite:

Immediately you notice that you have a flea bite, you should go for flea bites treatment. It is advisable to perform the following steps:

  • Wash the area with an antiseptic (or soap and water) and put some ice/cold cloth to avoid further swelling
  • Apply an anti-itch cream/ Take anti-histamine for individuals with hypersensitivity.
  • Do not scratch the area

Bed bug bites:

A bed bug is a small, oval shaped insect that feeds through sucking of blood from the host. They are commonly found in beddings, mattresses and even nets.

When they bite, they cause the individual to have a middle sized bump that looks like a mosquito bite. The bump on flea bites becomes itchy and becomes sore when an individual keeps on scratching it.

How to treat a bed bug bite:

The remedy for a bed bug bite is the same as that of a flea bite.

Which bite is more dangerous: Flea or Bed bug?

Both bites are not good although the flea bite is more dangerous since it has the capability to spread diseases through its blood. For example: Bubonic plague can be passed from rats to people. This can be fatal.