Dog and Cat Flea Bites – Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment!

Are you a profound lover of cats and dogs? It really doesn’t imply having on in your home, but staying around them, feeding them and playing with them. If your answer is yes, then you need to read this. Cats and dogs are one of the foremost sources of flea bites on humans. While the fleas take shelter on the body of your pet animals (or the stray animals you remain in contact with), they can also be dangerous for the human beings. Let’s read how.

Fleas are the tiny organisms spread all over. They reproduce fast and tend to prefer warm, humid climate for their residence. The fur on the animal body tends to provide them the same climate they prefer, hence cats and dogs fleas are commonly found. They stay on the body of your pets, causing itching and rashes. But why does it happen? Well, the male fleas don’t need any food, as they can stay hungry for several weeks, or even months. However the female fleas do need blood as their daily diet, when they are in the process of reproduction. This makes them bite your dog or cat, causing diseases.

Dog and Cat Flea Bites - Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment!

Have you ever seen your pet moving around, and scratching its own body. This is a result of intense dog or cat flea bites, and is one of the flea bites symptoms. While they are harmful for your animals, they can also affect you adversely.

What can you do to prevent dog/cat flea bites?

Humans need to be well aware that keeping their home clean from fleas is the best way to prevent flea bites on humans. There are many other cures such as Apple Cider Vinegar for flea bites, Coconut Oil and Garlic, however they can never take away the itching already caused to you through these irritating fleas. Hence, you should bring some flea repellent sprays from market and spread them in the most prone areas like over your pet’s body, under the furniture and commonly hidden places of your house. Hope this article helps you to remain aware about the flea bites and their symptoms, prevention and treatment.

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