Safe and Effective Ways To Get Rid of Fleas on a Puppy

Is your puppy suffering from a flea infestation? Fleas can make a dog’s life miserable: they bite into their skin hundreds of times a day to feast on their blood. In addition to causing pain, discomfort, itching and other allergy-related symptoms, it can also result in disease and illness. Puppies are especially vulnerable to the harmful effects of flea bites, as their bodies have yet to develop the necessary immune system to ward off infectious diseases.

But how exactly are you supposed to get rid of fleas on a puppy? Chemical treatment and preventive medicines are often too harsh for puppies, and using them could do more harm than good. Trying to pick the fleas off their coat one by one is a monotonous, time-consuming process that’s not going to solve the root cause of the problem.


Chihuahua puppy suffering from flea bites.

What Not To Use on a Puppy:

  • Frontline Plus (not recommended for use until your puppy is at least 12 weeks)
  • Advantage
  • Advantix II
  • Flea collars
  • Flea sprays
  • Flea tags
  • Medicated flea shampoo

How To Get Rid of Fleas on a Puppy

The easiest and safest way to get rid of fleas on a puppy is to bathe them with mild dish soap. You can purchase a bottle of mild Dawn dish soap for a couple bucks from your local grocery store, which is a fraction of the price of actual flea shampoo for canines. Unlike flea shampoo, however, Dawn dish soap is mild and shouldn’t cause any negative reactions with your pup.

It’s recommended that you first dilute the mild dish soap with water before applying it to your puppy. Using a ratio of half dish soap and half water should suffice. Just remember to keep it thick enough to drown out the fleas; otherwise, they will survive the bath and continue to feast on your pup.

Steps To Bathing a Puppy With Mild Dish Soap

  1. Place your puppy inside the bathtub (use a rubber pad to prevent your pup from slipping and sliding.
  2. Turn the water and adjust the controls so its lukewarm.
  3. Use a cup, pitcher or bowl to pour the water over your pup’s body, shielding their head with your free hand.
  4. Place a moderate amount of the diluted dish soap on the back of your pup.
  5. Gently massage the dish soap into your pup’s coat.
  6. Let the dish soap sit in their coat for 3-5 minutes before rinsing it out.
  7. Give your pup a treat and lots of praise for doing so well!

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