Create a Safe, Flea-Free Outdoor Area For Your Dog

A safe and functional backyard is an important area that every dog should have access to. Whether they’re a beastly Mastiff or a pocket-sized Chihuahua, all dogs need to be given the opportunity to run around and play in the comfort of their own yard. While you can exert some of their energy for a walk around the neighborhood, nothing compares to an open yard for them to play. Here we’ll take a look at some ideas and suggestions to consider when setting up a backyard for your dog.

Unless you plan on keeping your dog attached to a lead, the backyard needs to be completely fenced in; otherwise, your dog will likely wonder off to see what kind of trouble they can get into. Check the fence around your backyard to ensure there are no gaps or holes where a cunning dog could possibly escape through. Something as minor as a few broken boards is all it takes for a determined dog to dig through way through. Once you’ve determined the backyard is properly fenced in and there’s no way for them to escape, you can start focusing on other elements of the yard.

Before you allow your dog to roam freely in the backyard, you need to make sure it’s safe. Along with fencing, you should also inspect your backyard for any possible dangers that could risk the safety of your dog. For instance, ant beds are a common problem that millions of homeowners face, and while they usually won’t cause any serious damage, they can easily gang up on an unsuspecting canine. Walk around your yard and destroy any ant beds you find. In addition, you should also keep your eyes peeled for sharp gardening or automotive tools that aren’t where they belong.

Every dog needs a house in the backyard where they can run to for cover and comfort. If you’re skilled with woodworking, you should be able to build them one without much effort. Just remember to keep it several inches of the ground and to place some hay or some other soft material in it for bedding. Some owners use traditional cotton pet beds, but this isn’t recommended as moisture will soak through and ruin then. Once you’ve made or purchased a nice dog house for them, try to find a location that’s at least partially covered to place it in. This will allow it it to last for a longer period of time without becoming damaged from rain and the elements.

So, how can you keep fleas out of your yard? There are several different to keep these blood-sucking parasites away, including regular lawn maintenance, removing weeds and brush, and applying a flea prevention medicine to your dog.