How To Make Flea Bites Go Away Overnight

Living in a home infested with fleas can result in intense bouts of pain and discomfort. Studies have shown that just a single flea can bite into its host several hundred times per day, drawing blood each time. This isn’t what causes the pain and discomfort, however. Instead, the discomfort is attributed to protein-rich amino acids found within the flea’s saliva. To learn more about this phenomenon and how you make your flea bites go away overnight, keep reading.

When a flea bites into a host, it withdraws blood while simultaneously releasing a small amount saliva. This saliva often triggers an allergic reaction in the host that’s characterized by redness, inflammation, itching and pain. Granted, these allergic reactions are usually minor and cause no reason for immediate medical attention, but they can still make your life miserable, especially when you have dozens of flea bites covering your exposed skin.

So, how can you make flea bites go away overnight? Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer to this question, as everyone responds differently to them. Some people may develop barely noticeable bumps that go away within 24 hours, while others may develop huge hives that last for more than a week. The severity of a flea bite depends on the person’s immune system, as some individuals are able to fight the flea’s saliva more effectively than others.

Regardless of your immune system’s ability to neutralize the flea bite, there are some steps you can take to relieve the associated symptoms in a fast and efficient manner. From the moment you first notice a flea bite on your skin, you should immediately apply an ice cube to the affected area. The cool sensation will draw blood away from the area, which should reduce pain and swelling. After treating the area with an ice cube, pat it dry with a clean washcloth and apply a small amount of hydrocortisone cream. This is a hormonal cream that will further aid in the itching and swelling.

Now for the bad news: there’s no foil-proof way to make flea bites go away overnight, but treating them with an ice cube and hydrocortisone cream will encourage faster healing times. If you’re still struggling with painful flea bites, check out some of our previous blog posts here at for more advice on how to treat them.

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Jan 1, 2015 @ 7:04