How To Kill Fleas With Eucalyptus Oil

Tired of wasting money on expensive flea treatment products only for it to have little-to-no effect on the their numbers? Over the course of millions of years, fleas have evolved into incredibly resilient parasites. Traditional medicine often works for some minor infestations, but larger ones may require a different approach. In this post, we’re going to reveal how all-natural eucalyptus oil can be used to eliminate fleas inside the home.

Before we go any further, it’s important to note that eucalyptus oil should NOT be used in homes with cats. Eucalyptus oil is a highly effective product for killing fleas, but it’s also considered toxic to cats (dogs are okay). While some cats may not exhibit any adverse reactions from exposure, it’s best to avoid it altogether if you have one or more cats inside your home.

What Is Eucalyptus Oil?

Eucalyptus oil is made from the extracted liquid oil content from the leaves of the eucalyptus tree (see image above). Rather than pressing the leaves to extract the oil, the leaves are distilled; thus, creating a highly concentrated, pure form of eucalyptus oil. This oil is sold in various health stores, supermarkets and even some health specialty shops. A small bottle of eucalyptus oil typically costs between $5-$10.

Common Uses For Eucalyptus Oil:

  • Improves digestion
  • Treats nausea and upset stomach
  • Wards off infection in minor cuts and lacerations
  • Treats inflammation of the respiratory system
  • Treats itching, inflammation and pain associated with common bug bites (including flea bites)
  • Used a flavoring agent in various foods and dishes
  • Soaps, detergents and other products often contain eucalyptus oil for its fragrant aroma
  • Eucalyptus oil exhibits analgesic properties, meaning it can be used as a pain reliever

Using Eucalyptus Oil To Kill and Prevent Fleas

Of course, eucalyptus oil can also be used to kill and prevent fleas. If you’re struggling with a flea infestation, try spraying the inside of your home with a solution of water with a couple drops of eucalyptus oil added. Fill up a sprayer with water and place some eucalyptus oil inside. Next, spray your carpet, floors, baseboards, underneath furniture and your dog’s bedding. Any fleas that come into contact with the oil should die.

You can also mix some eucalyptus oil into your dog’s shampoo for an extra later of protection against fleas. The next time you get ready to bathe your dog, place a couple drops of eucalyptus oil on his fur in addition to the standard shampoo. The oil will settle into his skin where it offers a valuable layer of protection against these blood-sucking parasites.