Why Are Fleas Worse at Night?

Ever wonder why fleas are worse during the nighttime? If your home is currently infested with fleas, you’ll probably notice more of these pepper-speck-sized parasites roaming from room-to-room during the night. Subsequently, this means you and your family are more susceptible to flea bites when the sun goes down. So, why are fleas worse during the nighttime hours?

Fleas Are Nocturnal

The reason why fleas are more active at night is simply because they are nocturnal animals, meaning they sleep/rest during the day and come out at night to feed. Fleas are parasitic creatures which thrive on the blood of mammals. Given the fact that most mammals are diurnal, it only makes sense for fleas to come out and feed on hosts during the night. When a warm-blooded host lies down to rest for the night, fleas will begin their search for a meal.

Fleas have a greater chance of feasting without being distributed by coming out at night. If you are asleep and a flea bites you, for instance, you may not notice it until the following morning. If a flea bites you while you are awake, however, you would probably feel it and attempt to squish or otherwise kill the flea. Being nocturnal is an evolutionary advantage that makes fleas an even more effective and resilient parasite.

Using This Information To Your Advantage

If you are one of the millions of homeowners struggling with a flea infestation, you can use their nighttime feeding habits to your advantage. Start by vacuuming your carpet and floors thoroughly, removing any adult fleas and eggs lingering in your home. When you are finished, sprinkle a solution of half baking soda and half table salt around your bed and your pet’s bed before you to sleep. Any fleas that attempt to feed on you or your pet will have to cross over the non-toxic but lethal solution of baking soda and table salt; thus, killing them on contact.

The table salt and baking soda solution isn’t lethal to humans or pets, but owners should still discourage their pets from consuming it. If you notice your dog or cat licking it, place them in another room or cage. This stuff is highly effective at killing fleas because it essentially dehydrate them. When a flea walks over the solution, it instantly becomes dehydrated to the point where it can no longer move or function.

When are fleas most active in your home? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject!