How To Eradicate Fleas In Carpet

There’s nothing quiet like the soft, comforting feeling of carpeted floors. While hardwood and laminate have become popular flooring choices in modern-day homes, carpet is the most comfortable. But there’s one major drawback to carpeted floors: it acts as a safe haven for fleas, bed bugs, and other small pests.

With an average size of just 1-3 mm in length, fleas are able to weasel their way into carpet. Once here, they will patiently wait until a host, such as you or your pet, comes along, at which point they will begin to feast. It’s oftentimes difficult, if not impossible, to spot fleas inside the carpet because of their small size.

If you’ve noticed fleas inside your home, there’s a good chance they are hiding inside your carpet. Get down on all fours and run your hands through the carpet, paying close attention for tiny black dots that resemble the body of a flea.

Vacuum Your Carpet

Even with all of the premium flea and pest control products on the market, vacuuming is arguably the single most effective solution for ridding your carpet of fleas. A recent University of California study found vacuuming to eliminate up to 96% of adult fleas and 99% of flea eggs. So if you’re struggling with a flea infestation, try to get into the habit of vacuuming your carpet on a daily basis. When you are finished vacuuming, take the vacuum cleaner outside to transfer its contents into a trash bag.

Underneath The Furniture

Don’t just focus on the visible portions of your carpet, but make sure you are vacuuming underneath the furniture and up against the baseboards as well. These ares are often overlooked by homeowners, allowing fleas to simply move elsewhere. It’s not a bad idea to temporarily remove all furniture from your room so you can vacuum every square inch of carpet.

Baking Soda and Salt

After vacuuming your floors, sprinkle a solution of half baking soda and half table salt throughout the carpet. This is a powerful combination that will kill fleas on contact via dehydration. Salt and baking soda will instantly suck the moisture out of fleas, killing them within minutes. And best of all, it’s a completely safe, non-toxic solution that’s won’t pollute your home with heavy chemicals or harsh ingredients.

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